Know Your OSHA Rights

You have the right...

  • to verify the inspector's credentials.
  • to make the OSHA inspector wait a reasonable time for your designated representative (e.g., safety officer, attorney) to arrive.
  • to ask the inspector to state the purpose of the visit (fatality, complaint, scheduled (wall-to-wall) inspection).
  • to ask for a warrant to define the scope of inspection
  • to limit the inspector's access to only the area(s) relevant to the scope of the inspection or warrant.
  • to correct conditions before the inspector enters.
  • to accompany the inspector at all times and duplicate any photographs or measurements he or she makes.
  • to plan ahead and be prepared.
  • to call OSHABusters and consult with an attorney prior to either allowing or refusing entry and to be represented by an attorney during the inspection if you desire.

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